Egg Washing Machine: A Friendly Help to Farmers

Egg Washing Machine: A Friendly Help to Farmers

Eggs are one of the most important sources of protein to humans. When eggs are produced on the farm, they are often accompanied with dirt. To make them presentable for sales, the dirt has to be removed by cleaning. In the past, this meant manually cleaning individual eggs. For a large scale farm, that’s a lot of work and stress.

With an egg washing machine, farmers and wholesalers can clean a larger quantity of eggs at a relatively faster time. There are mainly two types of egg washing machines. There is the bubbler egg washer and the tabletop egg washers. Each of these serve different purposes and this article will do well to analyze the washers, their specificity and sole uses. So, let’s dive in!

About the Egg Washing Machine

Made from top-notch quality nylon, the egg washing machine has a brush to scrub off dirt from the surfaces of eggs. The brush on the machine is designed to be free of lint and carries high resistance to fabric and other kinds of materials. The machine is popularly used to wash different kinds of eggs. From liquid egg processors and food related factories, to bakeries, the services of machines are constantly in use and thus makes the work faster.

Features & Benefits of the Egg Washing Machines

Some of the features may have already been outlined in this article, but here are other better explained add-ons to bear in mind.

  • Easy to work with and utilize
  • There is a better structure of arrangement and the poultry’s reputation is maintained.
  • For a clean, spotless egg, there is an adoption of a nylon coated brush and stainless steel.
  • There is no demand for labor power , hence cost effective too.
  • Small in size and can fit into kitchen compartments.

Judging from a standard calculation of the technical data for an egg washing machine, the statistics pan out thus:

A power capacity of at least 0.55kw, a voltage unit of 220v, 50hz, an inbuilt running capacity of 1200 eggs cleaning rate per hour, a frequency of 14000 r/min and dimensions measuring 1 by 0.33 by 0.50 meters for the three different edges.

Types of Egg Washing Machines

Basically, there are two main types of egg washing machines: the bubbler washers and the tabletop washers.

Bubbler washers

This type of egg washer is mostly used outdoors. As a result, it makes its use limited during winter season. They also often cause damage to eggs and couldn’t scrub the shells to a brighter shade for selling purposes. However, they stilled served as a good egg washing machine until a better type was designed. In spite of the cracks sometimes left on eggs, they tend to deliver at a fast pace and last for a long period of time.

Tabletop washers

Most of the systems under this category of washing machines are quite expensive (within the range of $1,000). While they may be a bit more expensive, they deliver with precision. You’re left with much cleaner eggs with no cracks. Also, they make the cleaning process a lot easier and faster.


At the best price now and with the right choice made, the egg washing machine can be acquired to make life easier on your poultry farm or for your household use. It saves time, quite easy to understand and operate, plus they scrub your egg shells clean and there’s a guarantee of durability too.